About Us

Oxi-Gin Founders

OXI-GIN Botanicals was founded in 2017 by two

friends who share the same passion for organic

artisan produce.  

James & Dan are a couple of guys who have developed the Oxi-Gin idea from concept through to production and into retail stores across the UK and Europe.

It has been and continues to be a roller coaster ride of ups and downs but these guys are determined to get the Oxi-Gin mission statement out to as many gin lovers as possible!


The Oxi-Gin mission statement is simple.

Provide a quality product that delivers both in

terms of appearance and most importantly flavour.


No mess, no fuss just great flavours!

Ok, so you like great tasing gin & tonics with added flavour but loose botanicals get sucked up the straw or you get a mouth full of leaves when taking a sip which can ruin a perfectly good drink. 

 These little bags of flavour magic not only cut out the mess and fuss but taste great and look fabulous bobbing about in your favourite gin glass.


1000's of hours went into testing out different combinations of ingredients before finalising the six extraordinary flavours that are available today. 

 Use OXI-GIN Botanical infusions to create the finest gin and tonic recipe.

Bespoke Design

We work with gin distilleries for bespoke flavoured infusions for their retail outlets and as add on products for gift boxes.

We can also design packaging  with any branding.

Get in touch to discuss your personal requirements